mission gobi

Crossing Gobi on a longer trail as the first Indian explorer in the World. This mission has an objective towards study of impact on environment, climate change, water management, flora and fauna, society of nomads and survival in one of the most difficult terrains where the temperature varies considerably Short

This expedition is unique due to the following reasons:


  • Gobi is one of the harshest desert and region with temperature varying from -50 degree to + 50 degree Celsius so studying survival in these conditions will be interesting aspect

  • Study lifestyle, society, behavior, culture and survival acumen of nomadic inhabitants of Gobi desert

  • Feel the climate, observe the climatic changes and its impact on flora and fauna of this amazing place

  • Learn different types of soil, rocks, sands, location, map and other Geographical aspects of this diverse place 

  • Analyse impact of modern civilization in the most interior part of this barren landmass

  • Research the survival technique of human and other life forms with scarcest water in this practically “water-less” desert

How will this study impact you?


  • This study on one of the most ancient nomadic races of the world can throw light on their survival in one of the harshest place of the earth

  • The Water Management technique used by the nomads can help in solving Water crisis in many places that faces acute shortage

  • Study on climatic change and its impact of flora and fauna can help in making effective steps in other regions that are undergoing similar impact

  • Above all help many people across the globe to know see this barren and inhospitable terrain through my eyes as an explorer

Who and why they can be a part of this mission?


  • Corporates that can associate their product and organisations of National importance who feels proud for an Indian achieving new heights

  • Researchers from Universities and Research organisations from across the World who can get benefited from research data from Gobi

  • Explorer and adventure channels, media houses and travel organisations wanting to explore Gobi 

  • Common people and well wishers who wants to explore Gobi through my eyes and wants to get associated with and support my mission 

Please support my Mission by helping me to complete it

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